Things to Look for in a Free Web Hosting


A large number of free web hosting solutions are offered by little known companies or entrepreneurs who in most cases use rented servers. Servers that are probably not designed to support the hundreds of accounts and the thousands of connections they will receive.

This inevitably results in crashes, slowdowns, and many other problems. The necessary protections not being put in place, the hosted sites are exposed to multiple dangers. Some companies disappear overnight with your work, and if you don’t have a backup, you’ll have to start all over again.

A very large number of free hosting providers are not reliable and their terms of use do not guarantee the security of your data, quite the contrary. In general, if your internet project is of minimal importance, we advise you to stay away from this type of hosting.

Choosing among free hosting solutions can be difficult. The following will help you sort out the different free hosts, and your choice.

The price
You would think that price is irrelevant when looking for a free web host. It is however recommended to pay attention to all the prices displayed as well as to all the prices present in the general conditions of use.

Indeed, if your free host offers paid plans, it may be interesting to know in advance what it will cost you to switch to a more efficient paid solution if you are satisfied with the services offered.

A test environment
If you are looking for a free test environment for a site or applications, some hosts offer these types of services for free alongside their classic hosting plans. These are hosting plans often aimed at web design beginners, web application developers, developer training organizations, and startups testing their products online.

Take control of the tools
You may be looking for free hosting that will allow you to get started and become familiar with the various tools used in the hosting field. The tools related to hosting are numerous and can vary from one host to another. If you are looking for specific tools, you will have to make sure that they are made available by the free host of your choice.

The ability to host a forum
Many forum administrators have a very limited budget and may need to choose free hosting to get started. If you plan to host a small forum, make sure your free host allows the use of forum software and offers the ability to connect via FTP for installation. It will also be necessary to check that the host provides enough storage and bandwidth to ensure the proper functioning of your forum.

A simple site builder
If you don’t plan to use a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla, make sure your free hosting provider provides a site builder. Having a site builder available can help you tremendously and save you time building resource-efficient sites. Even though the site builder is very simple it will be of great use, especially for novice users.

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